Halloween is coming up very soon and I am so excited, it is my favourite holiday. Me and my aunt are setting up a "haunted house" feel to the front of her house where the kids will be coming to trick or treat. Anyways, picking costumes is always really difficult for me so I thought that I would throw out some of my top picks and see what people think.

 First is the daisy duck costume. It's pink, and usually I would not go for all pink, but it is cute and the mask that comes with it is wonderful. I think the mask and bow are my favourite parts of the costume.

My second pick is a little bit riskier. The mad hatter from Alice and Wonderland, just a little girl-ier and shorter and... well I'll let you take a look ;)
Those are top two picks right now. But if I decide otherwise (and I probably will because I change my mind on what I want to be hourly) then I will post up other options.
Here are a few of the runner ups:

Lady in Satin, TC

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